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09 May 2023

Our QR code

Sustain for Life has obtained its bank QR code to help make your donations easier. Please go to our Donate page and help us to help the poorest of the poor.

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06 Apr 2023

PEFISS School – Parakou – Benin

Our Africa Manager Thierry is checking the quality of the bricks before construction starts on the 2km perimeter wall to enclose the special needs school called PEFISS in Parakou. The wall will have a double purpose: on one hand by adding security to the school, on the other by preventing theft from the vegetable garden…

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19 Mar 2023

Thank you everyone!

A sincere thank you for your donations to help the poorest of the poor especially to the Paiola, Veronese, Giaratano and Pantano Family.

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27 Feb 2023

Fresh vegetables ready to eat!

Fresh crops from the vegetable garden at Bwindi Community Hospital. Helping the vulnerable get their daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Through this project we have developed vegetable gardens at the health facilities of Bwindi Community and St Francis Hospitals in southwest Uganda to produce nutritious and sufficient food to feed hospital patients and staff….

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10 Jan 2023

Reaping what you sow!

A young farmer is reaping what he sowed thanks to his training in agriculture in this fruit plantation.  

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05 Dec 2022

Good news! New project approved!

Our Board of Trustees has approved a new project in Sierra Leone.   This project is called ”Adaptive technology; computer literacy skills for Blind and Low vision pupils in the Vocational Training Centre for the Blind in Kenema – Sierra Leone.   The project is designed to establish and promote computer literacy skills for 117…

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22 Sep 2022

This little lady is in good hands! 

During a recent visit to our projects in Uganda, our Founder met this adorable little lady who is a scholar of the St. Francis Primary & Secondary School for the Blind.   Sustain for Life has been supporting the Primary and Secondary School for some years now with several projects such as ‘Sustainable Agriculture with irrigation…

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10 Aug 2022

Please meet sweet Gildano!

This poor little boy lives in Benin and suffers from a brain hernia that needs to be operated on by a neurosurgeon. We hope soon to find such a specialist and a suitable facility where to perform this important surgery. We will keep you updated on the story of sweet Gildano and we trust that…

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