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29 Jul 2019

Helping blind and visually impaired children improve their literacy

We’re very pleased to be taking our Adaptive Technology project from Uganda into Sierra Leone helping more blind and visually impaired children improve their literacy. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries with over 50% of the population living in multidimensional poverty. Unfortunately, children with disabilities (including those who are blind or visually impaired)…

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26 Jun 2019

Why choose a smaller charity?

We appreciate the choice is dazzling for companies wanting to make a charitable donation. The Charity Commission regulates 184,047 charities in England and Wales alone. Most businesses stick to the big brands. In fact, research suggests that the top 1,000 charities soak up 89 per cent of all donations in the UK. The largest ten…

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24 May 2019

Putting an end to period Taboos

For many girls in Uganda, life stops when they get their period. Girls in rural Uganda miss up to eight days of study each school term because they are on their periods, a study of menstrual management in Uganda found. This was due to lack of washrooms, lack of sanitary pads and bullying by peers. The eight days…

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29 Apr 2019

Climate change in West Africa

Climate change is currently dominating the news and rightly so.  Extreme weather events such as severe floods, droughts and heat waves are having a dramatic impact on farmers across the globe.  Crop production and food security is becoming even more of a concern in areas such as West Africa, where most livelihoods rely on small-farm…

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24 Apr 2019

Improving Access in Northern Uganda

Roughly two thirds of Uganda’s rural population lack access to safe water. Poor sanitation and hygiene is a cross cutting health concern in all rural Ugandan Villages. Diarrheal disease is responsible for 17% of all deaths in children under five in Uganda today. We recently completed a successful project with our Partners Ryans Well Foundation…

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25 Mar 2019

School Farms in Uganda

Sustain For Life are working with a special needs school in Uganda to create a school farm in order for them to grow their own nutritious food.   We aim to be producing at least 75% of the school’s food requirement from the farm by the end of the project. Kisoro Demonstration School (KDS) staff are…

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05 Mar 2019

Helping children with special needs

Child Scholarships Two years ago Sustain For Life started a pilot project and the impact for those on the scheme is enormous. The Scholarship supports special needs children all from extreme poverty access education; some have lost parents and been made orphans; some parents cannot look after a child with special needs therefore school boarding is…

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11 Feb 2019

Facts About Education for Girls in Uganda

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative reported that more than 700,000 girls in Uganda between 6 and 12 have never attended school. In addition,around half of girls between the ages of 15 to 24 are illiterate and four in five girls don’t attend high school. A large contributor to low female literacy rates and school attendance rates…

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