Fresh vegetables ready to eat!

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Fresh vegetables ready to eat!
27 Feb 2023

Fresh crops from the vegetable garden at Bwindi Community Hospital. Helping the vulnerable get their daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Through this project we have developed vegetable gardens at the health facilities of Bwindi Community and St Francis Hospitals in southwest Uganda to produce nutritious and sufficient food to feed hospital patients and staff. Vulnerable and marginalised individuals, such as the Batwa, have been recruited to participate in the project and will be trained in agriculture skills to increase food production and improve their livelihoods. Training will also be offered in income generation, basic nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, and low-cost technologies. All training is carried out on sites at St Francis and Bwindi Community Hospitals by Kulika Uganda.
In addition to the gardens developed on the hospital premises, the surrounding communities will also develop a sustainable food supply and increased food security. Through this project and as a direct result of the training programme at the hospital gardens, the communities will improve agricultural production, get enough food to feed their families, and better their livelihoods through income-generating activities. Members of the hospital staff will also be encouraged to grow vegetables in their own gardens.