Good news! New project approved!

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Good news! New project approved!
05 Dec 2022
Our Board of Trustees has approved a new project in Sierra Leone.
This project is called ”Adaptive technology; computer literacy skills for Blind and Low vision pupils in the Vocational Training Centre for the Blind in Kenema – Sierra Leone.
The project is designed to establish and promote computer literacy skills for 117 Blind and low vision pupils including the teaching staff, to build the capacity of the teaching staff by providing them with training so that they can serve as trainer of trainee and introduce the teaching of computers to the school syllabus, therefore enabling pupils to learn and use computers independently.
The project is the same model used in 2019 at the Milton Margai School in Freetown and we will use the trainers from there to train the trainers of Kenema School. Dr. Cristian Bernareggi, our expert in Adaptive Technology does support the school remotely.