School Farms in Uganda

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School Farms in Uganda
25 Mar 2019

Sustain For Life are working with a special needs school in Uganda to create a school farm in order for them to grow their own nutritious food.   We aim to be producing at least 75% of the school’s food requirement from the farm by the end of the project.

Kisoro Demonstration School (KDS) staff are participating in farming activities and are trained in sustainable organic agriculture due to previous training projects from Sustain For Life.   The farm manager and gardening committee are also teaching students these skills making it a collaborating project that’s brings the school together.  The skills they learn can also be practiced in their own gardens at home and enable them to earn a living and generate income.

Around 1,800 people are benefitting from this project; including the students, staff and of course their families. This has gone beyond the project forecast and numbers continue to increase as learning are passed on by parents who have also adopted growing of vegetables and fruit trees with their homes and communities.

Pledging as little as £5 a month can ensure projects like this can continue.  Pledge now.