Why choose a smaller charity?

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Why choose a smaller charity?
26 Jun 2019

We appreciate the choice is dazzling for companies wanting to make a charitable donation. The Charity Commission regulates 184,047 charities in England and Wales alone. Most businesses stick to the big brands. In fact, research suggests that the top 1,000 charities soak up 89 per cent of all donations in the UK. The largest ten charities have three times the income of the smallest 100,000 combined.

Smaller charities can focus on wonderful causes, which escape the view of the mega-charities. They have the ability to be flexible and more adaptable to change in order to create the most impact.  They also often have stronger relationships with their donors,  whether that be an individual or a corporate. This is certainly true for Sustain for Live who value all of our supporters and welcome opportunities of showing the impact we have on our beneficiaries first hand. We aim to be as transparent as possible which is why we enjoy showing you the work we have done on the ground in Africa.  Bring your team to see the work or perhaps help on a project as part of your team building.

Being adaptable and flexible means we aim to reach our goals but can also help companies reach their sustainable goals as well.   By working closely with partners, Sustain for Life aim to have as big an impact of the company we work with as the company has on us as a charity.

Adopting a smaller charity can also mean making a visible impact on their work. Each donation or fundraising activity can be completely transformative for the charity. In our case we pledge that 100% of every donation goes directly to our projects and never on core costs which means every donation makes such a strong impact.