Adaptive Technology: Njira (Pathways to Progress) Project at Mitole primary school

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Adaptive Technology: Njira (Pathways to Progress) Project at Mitole primary school
Mitole primary school

The project aims to improve educational opportunities and learning outcomes for children, particularly those with special needs and disabilities, in Chikwawa District, Malawi. Teachers often lack the necessary training, resources, and support to provide inclusive education to students with special needs. According to the Malawi National Education Sector Plan (2018–2023), only 11% of children with disabilities are enrolled in primary education, compared to the national average of 88%. A study by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on disability and development in Malawi found that children with disabilities are more likely to be excluded from school due to stigma, discrimination, and a lack of resources. According to the Chikwawa District Education Office, there is a shortage of special education teachers and support staff in primary schools, making it difficult to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

The project aims to improve access to technology, enhance digital literacy, build teacher capacity, create an inclusive curriculum, develop individualized learning plans, and foster social inclusion for 334 Chikwawa students with disabilities, orphans, and other vulnerable children, preparing them for a more inclusive future.

Project Activities:

  • Lab setup and equipment procurement
  • Regular monitoring and support
  • Improve computer literacy skills among students with special needs and low vision, empowering them to utilize digital tools and technology for learning
  • Create an inclusive learning environment where students with special needs and low vision can interact and collaborate with their non-disabled peers, fostering social integration and breaking down barriers

Project Goals:

  • Connection to the internet
  • Teacher and support staff training on digital literacy
  • Adaptive technology procurement