Agricultural project for the Mijale community

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Agricultural project for the Mijale community
Agriculture, Livelihood & Business Training for Vulnerable IDP’s on the South Sudan Border, Uganda

In cooperation with Hope Help Action Sustain for Life is delivering a 12-month project providing agricultural, business,  finance training and seeds and farm tools to 120 of the most vulnerable families (disabled, widowed, single mothers) in the Mijale community on the Uganda – South Sudan border. The project will facilitate increased sustainable farming skills, locally relevant finance and business training, food security, nutritional support through resources and adoption of more effective farming methods as well as tackling inequalities and stigma through focus on most vulnerable households.

We expect the outline project goals to be met by the end of the 12-month project period as per below:

  • 900 beneficiaries gain new sustainable skills and increase their income and future income generating opportunities by the end of the project, reducing over-dependency on relief aid
  • Increased crop harvest reducing acute food insecurity in the community and directly improving the nutritional status of 120 beneficiaries and their extended families (approx. 900 beneficiaries)
  • Reduced inequalities and stigma as the beneficiaries are selected from the most vulnerable subgroups of PWDs, windows, single parents and people living with HIV