Creating a safe & sanitary learning space

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Creating a safe & sanitary learning space
Creating a safe and sanitary learning environment for special needs children in Togo

Donation Goal For This Project is £23,156

Ephphatha primary school is the only school for deaf children in the region which is attended by students from East Burkina and Northern Benin. These young special educational needs children have no built classroom therefore their lessons are held outside making the learning environment very challenging. They are exposed the threat of inclement weather (heat over 40 degrees, winds, rains) and risks of insect bites and reptile bites. Currently there are 4 toilets in the whole school which are shared among 800 children! This often results in the young children using behind the teaching space, creating a very unsanitary environment. In the coming years, the attendance of the school will increase as awareness of their offering to educate deaf children increases.

Construction of a classroom which will allow children to learn without worrying about the dangers and risk of learning outdoors.

Equipment for the classroom including tables and seating for students and the teachers.

Construction of a latrine block which will include 6 cubicles (separated for boys and girls) to resolve the sanitary issues.

This project will contribute to improving the enrolment rate in the Togo savannah region through the increase in numbers of children with hearing disabilities.

The work will also improve the conditions of schooling and work of pupils and their teachers.

As a result of a safer, more sanitary learning environment, the amount of illness will be will significantly reduced.

Duration:  8 Months

Direct Beneficiaries: 150 in year 1,  increasing year on year