Helping Orphans in Benin

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Helping Orphans in Benin
Dining Hall, Security Fence and Water Tower

Dining Hall and Security Fence

Bon Samaritain is an Orphanage in Benin, West Africa which looks after 70 children who face difficult situations including physical abuse, trafficking, children accused of witchcraft and children in conflict with the law.

This project provides children with a modern dining hall and the construction of a boundary wall to deliver appropriate security. At the moment, the site is open and the children are exposed in particular to snakes attracted by the centres livestock. The livestock also the prey to thieves and snakes, which reduces the ability of the centre to feed the children in a sustainable fashion.

Project Outcomes

  • Improvement to the every day lives of children living in difficult circumstances.
  • Improvement of the health of the children and the security system of the site.
  • Provide the opportunity for the children to eat in hygienic conditions.
  • Improved social habits, team work, mutual respect and hygiene will arise in the children as they are able to eat and socialise together in the new dining room.


Providing Orphans with Access to Clean Water

Bon Samaritain faces enormous challenges related to clean water. The existing well from where the orphans draw water for their daily basic needs has become unclean and contaminated. Sometimes, especially during the dry season, worms appear in the well,  causing many waterborne diseases.

How are we helping?

  • Re-development of the well
  • Building a new water tower
  • Installing a plumbing and water distribution system
  • Photovoltaic powering
  • Solar pump system installation
  • Training staff to maintain the tower

 Expected Outcomes:

  • Access to clean and running for 70 children and staff
  • Improved the living conditions; access to shower and wash facilities, provision of water for drinking and cooking
  • Reduced water related-diseases
  • Reduction of electricity costs

Location: Benin

Local Partner: Centre a’Accueil le Bon Samaritan

Beneficiaries: 75 children plus staff