Improving Education Infrastructure in Rural Togo

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Improving Education Infrastructure in Rural Togo
Zogbe-Kopé – School Classroom Rebuild

Provision of a modern school infrastructure with an environment for the promotion of school education in order to improve literacy and increase the success rate in the area.

The Challenge

  • The current school buildings in the village are in a dilapidated state and do not offer an appropriate environment for pupils or teachers.
  • The metal sheet roofs have numerous holes which interrupt lessons during the rainy season and the buildings are unsafe because they could collapse at any time.

How are we helping?

  • This project will provide a new and safer infrastructure for students in the village of Zogbé-Kopé.
  • It is hoped that literacy rates will improve as more parents will be motivated to send their children to a safer school environment.
  • Children will fully enjoy their right to education.

Location: Zogbe-Kopé, Wawa District, Plateau Region, Togo

Local Partner: Zogbe-Kopé Primary School

This project is available for co-funding

Beneficiaries: 3200+ children under 15 years old and eight teachers

Before Photos: