Improving Lives of Deaf Learners in Ngora

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Improving Lives of Deaf Learners in Ngora
School Irrigation System, Ngora School for the Deaf, Eastern Uganda

Ngora school for the deaf is one of only 3 specialist schools in Uganda, which has a population of 43 million. Children are educated from nursery to primary and then secondary. 

Ngora School could offer opportunity for more children with special learning needs to be in school, however, it is currently operating with excess capacity. The enrolment has continued to decline over the years, today standing at 130 down from 200.

This Irrigation project is helping to improve nutrition among the students and staff which will in turn impact their performance in class.   In between the existing orange trees the new irrigation system will enable other crops to be grown increasing food production for the school, catering for more children.

Sustainable agriculture will also improve income sources through selling excess supplies, reducing the schools dependence on school fees for running operations. This will enable the school to offer affordable fees to the poorest parents of hearing-impaired children.

Location: Ngora, Eastern Region, Uganda

Local Partner: Ngora School for the Deaf

This project is available for co-funding

Beneficiaries: 600 deaf learners, teaching staff, support staff and community members

Project Duration: 12 months from January 2018

Project Outcomes:

  1. Improved water capture and storage to cater for irrigation needs throughout the year at the school.
  2. Improved use of the school’s water supply for the irrigation of the school’s orchard.
  3. Improved capacity of the school to manage irrigated agriculture.

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