Improving WASH facilities in Uganda

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Improving WASH facilities in Uganda
Improving equitable distribution, effective usage and maintenance of WASH services.

Roughly two thirds of Uganda’s rural population lack access to safe water. Poor sanitation and hygiene is a cross cutting health concern in all rural Ugandan Villages. Diarrheal disease is responsible for 17% of all deaths in children under five in Uganda today.

The Challenge

Amach Sub County in Lira District has the lowest WASH coverage in the district at 8%, showing a direct need for WASH intervention.

Omoro Sub-County in Alebtong District has been through many socio-economic problems which has led to poor social services, inadequate food supplies, and poverty.

The project targets where the poverty index is high and works to strengthen the capacity of small scale farmer households.

How are we helping?

  • Construct of 14 shallow wells in Amach and 6 shallow wells in Omoro.
  • Train and equip 12 hand pump mechanics and build the capacity of 20 water source management committees in Amach and Omoro.
  • Sensitize 20 communities in Amach and Omoro on WASH best practices.
  • Hold community workshops for experience sharing, and community engagement.

Location: Omoro and Amach Sub-Counties

Local Partner: Ryan’s Well, Divine Waters Uganda

Beneficiaries : Improved equitable distribution, effective usage and maintenance capacity of WASH services for 5,455 people in Omoro and Amach Sub-Counties, providing;

  • Increased access to safe water and sanitation.
  • Improved education on healthy hygiene habits.
  • Improved awareness among communities to ensure they play an active part in improving their water management and sanitation.