Kisoro School for the Blind and Deaf

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Kisoro School for the Blind and Deaf
Improving the Welfare of Children with Special Needs, Kisoro, Uganda

Sustain for Life, with generous funding from Masikini Foundation, supports a residential school for blind, deaf and deaf-blind children in Kisoro, Uganda – a town in Western Uganda near the border of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. During a field visit to the school in 2012 we saw first-hand the hardships endured by the children and also the great potential for them to live sustainable lives. The obstacles faced by hearing and visually impaired children in Uganda are many. Children with special needs are often shunned by their families and communities and face limited opportunities for education and future livelihoods.

How are we helping?

  • Improved sanitation through building disabled-friendly toilets and showers
  • Better living conditions through new beds, bedding and mosquito nets
  • Clean water through water harvesting
  • Sustainable source of nutritious food through gardening and construction of kitchen
  • Improved livelihood prospects through education in sustainable organic agriculture
  • Improved education through training, skills development, computers and adaptive technology

Photos from the field

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