Rainwater Harvesting for the Batwa

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Rainwater Harvesting for the Batwa
In 2010 Sustain for Life constructed a rain-harvesting system

In 2010 Sustain for Life constructed a rain-harvesting system and 30,000 litre water tank to benefit a small, remote, community of Batwa families at Kabahenda in an area where water was difficult to access. The metal roof which serves to harness the rain water also doubles  as a life-changing shaded meeting and community area.

The rainwater harvesting project provides access to clean water thus improving sanitation, hygiene and living standards. The meeting space has brought the community together and improved the lives of the Batwa significantly.  The project also helps other non-Batwa families living in this area and significantly increase community and neighbour integration.

It’s amazing what can be done with a little money in a very short space of time. This whole project has taken only a matter of months to construct with the Batwa labouring alongside the builders – teaching them valuable construction skills and giving them ownership of the project.  Everyone involved embraced this project with great enthusiasm and they can be very proud of their achievements. This facility will dramatically improve the quality of life for all who benefit from it and serves as a successful model for future projects.