Sustainable Agriculture for Visually Impaired Students

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Sustainable Agriculture for Visually Impaired Students
Sustainable School Agriculture Project for the Visually Impaired Children

Project goals :

The overall objective is to contribute to sustainable food production and promote a quality diet at a reduced cost for the blind learners. The savings made from reduced expenditure on food will enable the school maintain the school fees at a minimum level, affordable by the poor parents hence encouraging them to bring their blind children to school. Through their active participation in the agriculture activities, the learners will gain agriculture skills. The improved diet through consumption of a range of freshly grown quality foods will contribute to improved education outcomes.

 Project Outcomes over the 3 years:

  1. Increased consumption of balanced diet food for visually impaired children.
  2. Reduced expenditure on food costs for children with visual impairment.
  3. Increased adoption of sustainable agriculture practices by visually impaired children.

Project Activities :

  • Installation of an irrigation system.
  • Crop growing activities.
  • Training activities.
  • Marketing of excess production

Local Partner: St Francis Primary School

Beneficiaries: 122