Nahotoo Nabiligou

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Nahotoo Nabiligou
12 Sep 2019

Nahotoo Nabiligou was 11 when we found her and was living in a rural part of Togo with her mother. She was born disabled; had never walked, can only use one hand, she can hear but can’t speak. SFL provided surgery on her legs which means she will be able to walk. Surgery took place in Spring 2019 and so far she is recovering well and has taken her first ever steps! Once she’s fully healed Nahotoo will also be placed in a special needs school providing a much brighter future.

During a project visit in northern Togo, Sustain For Life founder attention was draw by the yellings of a woman. The men around tried to ensure the founder that nothing was going on, but the woman insisted, yelling louder. Finally they translated what she was asking for: she wants the founder to see her daughter, Nahotoo, of 11 years old who is not able to stand on her foot. She is not deaf, but she cannot speak.

The founder has been touched by the situation of Nahotoo. He promised to do what he could to assist her. Nahotoo was sent to an hospital in Benin for surgery that was a success. Now Nahotoo is back to her country where she is learning to walk and speak in a specialized center with the support of Sustain for life. The treatment is long, but Nahotoo and her mother are motivated. Please see below the progress of a very happy child who can now finally walk without assistance. After the medical treatment, Nahotoo will go to school.