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Collectively, we help some of the poorest people on the planet to help themselves.

Our underlying belief is that people benefit more from the opportunity to help themselves rather than simply relying on the donation of aid; therefore, provide people in need the initial means, knowledge and skills required to develop through their own efforts.

Sustain for Life is a group of non-governmental, not-for-profit entities with a mission to reduce poverty by supporting projects that empower people to create sustainable livelihoods.

Sustain for Life is independent, with no political or religious affiliations.

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  1. We build real solutions with the world’s poorest communities
    • Staff and partners have extensive experience in the field.
    • The way we work has a flexible, adaptive and innovative approach.
    • Long term solutions that deliver sustainability is key.
  2. We guarantee 100% of all money raised reaches our projects
    • The charity’s’ founder pledged for life to fund all charity core costs.
    • We work in a lean and agile way so we can be adapted to change where required.
    • All donations are doubled by a private philanthropist doubling our impact.
  3. We specialise in targeting those that no one else is helping
    • Experience in the field and working in remote locations helps us target those most in need.
    • By providing people in need the initial means, knowledge and skills, it encourages them to develop better lives and sustainable livelihoods through their own efforts.


Sustain for Life focus on areas with extreme poverty, which is currently in East and west Africa, but we are always looking at other areas where there is need and where our projects can make impact.

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We develop sustainable nutritious food supplies and income-generating potential through the practice, training and outreach of sustainable organic agriculture, especially at the institution and community level.

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We’ve been working 2006. Whilst a great deal of our work is in Africa, we have previously worked in India and will continue to work in the countries where there is extreme poverty.

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Our team is passionate about what we do and work together to improve the lives through our projects. We believe that it is our collective duty to help others, particularly the vulnerable and underprivileged.

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