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22 Apr 2024

Building Futures: The Rise of KK Girls Dormitory

A glimpse into the creation of the future: this photo captures the diligent construction of the KK Girls dormitory. Here, each steel beam and every moment of labour contributes to building not just a structure, but a sanctuary for aspirations and education. As the dormitory rises, so too do the hopes for the empowered futures…

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28 Mar 2024

Shafiki spreading joy to everyone at Easter!

Spreading joy with a bright smile and vibrant colors! ✨🌈 There’s nothing like a cheerful outfit to lift the spirits and make every hallway a runway. Happy Easter from Sustain for Life!  

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14 Feb 2024

We are now building the second floor in Kroo Bay!

We’re excited to announce the significant progress of constructing the second floor of our school in Kroo Bay! This development represents the continuous dedication, commitment, and incredible support from our wonderful community.    

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22 Jan 2024

Exciting News: Milestone Achieved in Kroo Bay!

We are overjoyed to share the fantastic news that the first floor of our school in Kroo Bay has been completed! This accomplishment is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and support from our incredible community.    

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05 Nov 2023

Our Founder visited Kroo Bay School together with the local Mayor

On 5th November, our Founder visited Kroo Bay to see for himself how the construction of the school was progressing. During his visit, he met with Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, who posted the following: This morning I was delighted to be in the Kroo Bay Community for a visit to the construction site of their new…

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20 Oct 2023

PEFISS Parakou is harvesting peanut (groundnut)

Exciting times ahead! PEFISS Parakou is currently harvesting our peanuts. A big shoutout to our hardworking students for ensuring top-quality produce.

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21 Sep 2023

Students inspecting the work at Kroo Bay School

Some students decided to check on the work for the construction of their new school  

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24 Aug 2023

Laying the foundations for Kroo Bay School

Finally work has commenced for the construction of the school in Kroo Bay.  

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