Fobenga Village Clean Water Project

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Fobenga Village Clean Water Project
Improving quality of life for a rural village in Togo

This project aims to improve the quality of life of the population of Fobenga-Tierrou, a densely populated village of 1603 inhabitants in Kpendjal-Ouest district Togo.

The Challenge

  • Fobenga-Tierrou suffers from severe water shortages during the dry seasons and, as a result, the health and school attendance of children in the village suffers.
  • Water shortage is one of the key causes of family poverty in the area. It impacts on the nutrition and care of children and prevents parents from sending their children to school.

How are we helping?

  • This project will improve access to clean water for the whole community
  • Improve the quality of life through reduced water related-diseases
  • Improve school attendance and academic achievement in the village;
  • Improve the working and living conditions of women, who will no longer devote a great part of their time fetching water and will be able to maximise their income generating potential; reinforce social cohesion; and strengthen the local community organisation.

Location: Savanes Region at Nassablé-Sito, Togo

Local Partner: Amis des Enfants de la Terre-Togo” (AET-Togo)

This project is available for co-funding

Beneficiaries: 1600+ individuals exposed to the consequences related to clean water shortage.