Well installation and WASH Training in Burkina Faso

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Well installation and WASH Training in Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
Improving Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation

The Challenge

Waterborne diseases and malnutrition affect an estimated 38% of children under the age of five in Burkina Faso. To put this in context, access to clean water is only available to 50% of the population in cities, with even less available in rural and semi-rural areas, including the zone targeted in this project of Eastern Burkina Faso.

How are we helping?

  • Mobilisation of 7 Villages and 10 School water committees.
  • Geophysical Survey.
  • Drilling of 17 deep wells and supporting infrastructure.
  • Pump Installation.
  • Hygiene and sanitation training program (Sensitization – WASH).
  • Ongoing local monitoring and evaluation.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Working drinking water supply carried out to schools and villages (Kouritenga and Ganzourgou).
  • Access to clean drinking water of sufficient quality and quantity for village residents and school children with a reduction in time spent fetching water.
  • Reduction in the prevalence rate of waterborne diseases by 50%.
  • Water Management Committees are empowered and engaged in the maintenance of the work and in good hygiene/sanitation practices.

Location: Burkina Faso

Local Partner: Ocades Caritas, Ryan’s Well