Sorie and Kaibin

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Sorie and Kaibin
01 Sep 2023

Sorie and Kaibin are twin brothers who unfortunately lost both parents. Sustain for Life is sponsoring their education. Here’s a corrected version of your report:

Brief Progress Report on Sorie and Kaibin’s Academic Success

The school academic year started in September 2022 and ended in July 2023. The school reopened in September, and during that period, Kaibin, with the school name Jessey Conteh, and Sorie, with the school name Joseph Conteh, were admitted to the Roman Catholic (RC) Primary School in Panlap community, both in Class one. This marked their first academic journey.

Below is a summary of their progress during the academic year 2022-2023:

In Sierra Leone, the school academic year consists of three terms:

  • The first term started in September 2022 and ended in December 2022, with both pupils beginning school in September 2022. They both took two promotional exams for their first term: Kaibin secured the fourth (4th) position, while Sorie secured the twelfth (12th) position.
  • The second term began in January 2023 and concluded in April 2023. Again, they both took two promotional exams for their second term: Kaibin came in third (3rd), and Sorie came in tenth (10th).
  • The third term started in May 2023 and ended in the second week of July 2023. They both took two promotional exams for their third term: Kaibin achieved the fourth (4th) position, while Sorie achieved the fifth (5th) position.

Based on the results of these promotional exams, both pupils performed exceptionally well, securing top positions in their class. Kaibin finished the academic year in second (2nd) place, while Sorie finished in seventh (7th) place.

Success Story

They have now mastered the ability to spell and write their names. They can confidently identify, read, and write the alphabet. Additionally, they have acquired the knowledge to identify, count, read, and perform basic numerical work. Their ability to speak basic English has also improved significantly.