Classroom and latrines for hearing impaired children

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Classroom and latrines for hearing impaired children
School infrastructure for deaf children

The Problem

The EPHPHATHA school is the only specialized school for hearing impaired children These younger prep students, despite their young age, have their lessons outside, with the threat of extreme weather conditions, risks of insect bites and reptile bites.

The children also do not have a specific toilet for pupils and staff. They share those of the school Shalom complex which has more than 800 pupils which only have 4 toilets for this volume of pupils and staff.   Students with hearing impairments experience difficulty in accessing them because of the long queue where they are discriminated against. Therefore, they often  behind in the classrooms creating a very unhealthy environment.

What we are doing

This project will contribute to improving the enrolment rate in the Togo savannah region through the increase in the number of children with hearing disabilities.   The work will also contribute to the improvement of the conditions of schooling and work of pupils and their teachers through:

  1. Construction of a classroom for the prep hearing impaired students which will allow them to work without worrying about the dangers and risk of learning outdoors.
  2. Equipment for the classroom including 12 tables & benches for students and a table and a Chair for the teacher.
  3. Construction of a latrine block which will include 6 cubicles (separated for boys and girls) which solve the sanitary issues.

Who we are helping

197 children with hearing impairments and speech-language pathologists in addition to 800 pupils of the Shalom school complex who share the site with the school of the deaf.  The beneficiaries will increase year on year as there are new in takes of pupils.