Construction of a bridge across Fobenga river

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Construction of a bridge across Fobenga river
Ensuring safety across the river to a special needs school

The Problem

The village of Fobenga-Tierrou has a population of 1603 inhabitants.  There is a river separating the village in two which prevents students on the East bank from accessing the SEN school in the rainy season. This forces children to stay home when there is rain, missing out on valuable education time. Likewise, when the rain arrives while pupils of this part of the village are in school, they have to leave clsass and return home immediately. Sometimes, when it’s unexpected, they have stay in school until the water decreases in the River which can mean staying overnight in the school and away from their families.


The river also reduces and restricts the mobility of the general population on both sides which affects unity and cohesion among the inhabitants.   Crossing the river is currently dangerous causing many accidents and has even caused fatalities of children.

What we are doing

We are building a secure bridge over the river which will withstand weather conditions and usage. The bridge will;

  1. Facilitate students’ access to school safely and in all seasons
  2. Improve the attendance rate of students and would certainly reduce the absence of students and the untimely interruptions in the rainy season
  3. Increase the enrolment rate and school performance in this school
  4. Improve the opportunity for teachers to be monitored and supervised by their hierarchy
  5. Facilitate the mobility of populations between the two parts of the village.
  6. Strengthen social cohesion, community solidarity and dynamic exchanges between the inhabitants.

Who we are helping

1,603 individuals in the village of Fobenga which consist of men, women and children.