Construction of a dormitory for special needs children

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Construction of a dormitory for special needs children
Komukuny Girls Primary school

The current building is in a state of severe disrepair, characterized by inadequate ventilation, a leaky roof that has resulted in significant water infiltration, leading to the growth of mold and ant hills due to constant dampness. Moreover, the building receives insufficient natural light, as only one window is operational, and there is no artificial lighting, rendering it perpetually dark during daylight hours. Portions of the building are deteriorating, weakening its structural integrity. Additionally, the building has become a habitat for snakes, which have created passageways within it due to its weakened state, posing a significant safety hazard to the students. Kaabong, being a hot region, attracts reptiles due to the damp and decaying condition of the structure. Visual aids in the form of attached pictures provide further insight into these issues.

Project Activities:

  • Construction of a new dormitory for visually impaired and special needs children.  
  • Equipping both the boys’ and girls’ dormitories with essential furnishings such as beds, mattresses, and blankets.
  • Installation of a rainwater collection system.

Projects Goals

  • Provide suitable accommodation for visually impaired children, ensuring their comfort and well-being.
  • Create a conducive learning environment for special needs children.
  • Enhance the academic performance of 100 children by offering improved sleeping arrangements, better learning facilities, and specialized education for those with special needs.