Girls in Control

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Girls in Control
Breaking the taboo of menstruation in schools.

Irise Girls in Control

The project aims to support adolescent girls to engage in school more effectively as they enter puberty via engaging local people in income generating and training opportunities to create sustainable “girl friendly” schools. The work has three strands:

  • Education: practical and responsive education about menstruation and puberty for boys and girls through training teachers to deliver sessions.
  • Product Provision: sustainable access to good quality sanitary products through establishing local entrepreneurs who can supply schools.
  • Taboo breaking: a supportive environment for girls through sensitising teachers, parents and the community and engaging them in solving the issue for girls in the long term.

The Project Activities

  • Identification and enrolment of in need schools with support from DEO
  • Teacher training in delivering puberty education and supporting girls in school
  • Entrepreneur training and recruitment
  • Meeting with Parent Teacher Associations
  • Community engagement events
  • Supported delivery of education sessions in schools for girls and boys
  • Baseline, 6-12 month data collection
  • Data analysis & report writing

The project outcomes include:

  • Adolescent girls empowered to engage more effectively in school
  • Boys and male teachers support girls during menstruation
  • Teachers equipped to teach girls and boys about menstruation and puberty
  • Community engaged in delivering a sustainable solution
  • Entrepreneurs empowered through earning an income

Location: Soroti, Uganda

Local Partner: Irise International

Beneficiaries: 3,400 boys and girls over 2 years.