School for the deaf in Parakou

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School for the deaf in Parakou

PEFISS School has faced challenges in ensuring an adequate supply of high-quality and stable food for its resident deaf students. Additionally, they have struggled to mobilize sufficient financial resources to cover all their expenses.

The project aims to empower the school to produce enough food to feed its students and generate additional income by selling surplus production.

Project Activities:

  • Production of various food and vegetable crops.
  • Processing of the agricultural produce into food derivatives.
  • Marketing of food products, market gardening, and processed items.
  • Provision of Agricultural Entrepreneurship Training for resident deaf students and the local community.
  • Construction of a 2km protective wall to safeguard the school from theft and intrusion.

Project Goals:

  • Ensure that PEFISS’s resident deaf students have access to an adequate and nutritious food supply through food production, market gardening, and agricultural processing, while also providing PEFISS with additional financial resources.
  • Offer agricultural entrepreneurship training to PEFISS’s resident deaf students and the local community, enabling their professional and social integration.